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Championship Calendar

Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship

Championship Rounds for 2018:

Round Date Venue Event Club
1 April 7th Anglesey Sprint LDMC
2 8th Anglesey Sprint LDMC
3 28th Aintree Sprint LMC
4 May 5th Anglesey Sprint MGCC
5 6th Anglesey Sprint MGCC
6 May 20th Scammonden Hillclimb MGCC
7 28th Blyton Sprint YMC/HMC
8 June 3rd Harewood Hillclimb BARC(Yorks)
9 9th Barbon Hillclimb LMC
10 17th Three Sisters Sprint LDMC
11 30th Aintree Sprint LMC
12 July 7th Barbon Hillclimb LMC
13 14th Blyton Sprint WSCC-Nat B
14 15th Blyton Sprint WSCC-Nat B
15 22nd Scammonden Hillclimb Mid Cheshire CC
16 29th Three Sisters Sprint LDMC
17 August 11th Blyton Sprint LDMC
18 12th Blyton Hillclimb LDMC
19 18th Scammonden Hillclimb Pendle DMC
20 26th Harewood Hillclimb BARC(York)
21 September 1st Aintree Sprint LMC
22 2nd Three Sisters Sprint LDMC
23 October 6th Anglesey Sprint LDMC
24 7th Anglesey Sprint LDMC

(All rounds confirmed)

24th November 2018:
End of season Dinner and Awards Presentation

at Woolton Golf Club, Liverpool (details later in the year.)

CLICK HERE for a printable Version of the 2018 Rounds


Updated: 25/1/2018