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New Speed Classes for 2010

After a great deal of work consulting all major Clubs & Championships, we have finally been given the go ahead by the MSA to implement the “Northern Speed Classes” so we have now finalised the full class structure & clarifications that will be used by the majority of speed events in the Northwest, Northeast and Midlands in 2010.

Please note that whilst all clubs listed will be using these  clarifications, we have tried to get all clubs to also use the classes as listed but there are still a few clubs who have decided not to adopt them just yet, whilst others may add extra classes or amalgamate some of those shown in order to accommodate local practice. The structure is being adopted voluntarily so, whilst we have requested that all clubs/championships keep to the same class numbering system, we cannot compel them to do so. If you find a club or championship that is not using the new structure, why not suggest (strongly) to the organisers that it would be a good idea for them to adopt them?

We welcome feedback on your experiences during the year so that we can tell how successful the classes have been, and can consider any minor tweaks that may be required for 2011.

Last update was on the 30th November 2009

You can find the full details by clicking here

These changes mainly effect those competing in the Roadgoing classes, please read them carefully before preparing your car for 2010.

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