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Championship Positions after round 21

The Championship Positions after Round 21 are now available to download by selecting the following links:

2021 Speed Championship Positions after round 21
2021 Championship score chart at 9th September

Please let me know as soon as possible if there are any mistakes or if I have inadvertently missed you.

Please also check that if you qualify for the Classic Championship your results have been included.

It would help greatly if you declare to event organisers that you are registered in the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship as it makes it easier for me to find you. If the event is also an ANWCC or SD34 round,  don’t forget to declare that you are a member of  LMC as well as any of your other clubs because LMC will then receive points in the ANWCC &/or SD34 Club Championships.

Sean Robertson – Championship co-ordinator