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The Championship Rounds for 2017 are available

The Championship Rounds, Classes and Clarifications for 2017 are now available online and can be found by clicking on one of the following links;

The 2017 Championship Rounds

The Classes & Clarifications


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Regulations for the Pendle & DMC Scammonden 13th August are available

The regs & entry forms are now available for the Pendle & DMC hillclimb at Scammonden are available please click on the following link;

PDMC 13th August Hillclimb

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Regulations for the WSCC Weekend at Blyton are available

The Regulations etc are available on the following link

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Regulations for Scammonden on 17th July 2016 are available.

The regulations for the Mid Cheshire Scammonden Hillclimb on the 17th July are now available from their website or by clicking on the link below:

Mid-Cheshire MC 17th July Scammonden Regulations

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LMC Championship Registrations are now Open..

Registrations for the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship are now open.

Entering the 2016 LMC Speed Championship has now been made easier because we are now offering on-line registrations using our tried & tested on-line System which should not take more than a few minutes to complete. There’s no extra cost for registering on-line and you don’t need to go searching for a stamp or envelope either!

To register for the championship please click on the link below which will take you straight to the Registration page on the Championship website:-


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No MGCC Sprints at Anglesey in Sept 2016

MGCC has announced that it has been unable to secure Anglesey Circuit for the Sprint Weekend that normally takes place at the beginning of September each year, so the event will not take place in 2016.

As a result, it is likely that the Aintree Sprint on 3rd September will attract extra competitors, so we recommend that you get your booking in for Aintree early in the year to avoid disappointment – once entries open of course!


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The 2015 Championship Regulations are available

The 2015 Championship Regulations are now available, please click on the following to access them;

2015 Championship Regulations

My apologies to all Chester Motor Club Members because I have not yet managed to have them collected for distribution to CMC members

I have posted a copy to all those that were registered in 2014.

If you require a copy or have not received one by post and require a physical copy please get in touch by using the contact facility available on  this website and send me your details and I will post a copy to you.

Thank you to those who have already sent their registration application in for 2015. As you will have noticed I now have received the permit number and all the registration cards etc.  received up to the 21st February are in the post and some of you should have already received them.

Many thanks for your patience.

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2015 Championship Regulations

Championship Regulations have been received from the printers and are being sent out to all the 2014 registrations either with your 2015 LMC Membership card or by post to those who have not yet renewed and Chester MC members registered in 2014.

I am waiting for Chester MC to collect booklets.

They will be available online at the weekend or early next week.

In the meantime the 2015 Rounds are listed below

Championship Rounds for 2015

Round    Date             Event Type      Venue                       Organising Club

  1. April 12th        Sprint         Three Sisters              Longton & DMC
  2. April 25th          Sprint              Aintree              Liverpool Motor Club
  3. May 2nd             Sprint             Anglesey                     MGCC
  4. May 3rd             Sprint             Anglesey                     MGCC
  5. May 17th           Sprint           Blyton (2.7ml)  Mini Drivers Association
  6. June 13th        Hillclimb         Barbon                Liverpool Motor Club
  7. June 14th          Sprint              Anglesey               Chester Motor Club
  8. June 27th         Sprint               Aintree              Liverpool Motor Club
  9. July 4th             Hillclimb          Barbon             Liverpool Motor Club
  10. July 5th              Sprint             Three Sisters     Longton & DMC
  11. July 11th            Sprint             Blyton                      Westfield Sports Car Club
  12. July 12th           Sprint              Blyton                       Westfield Sports Car Club
  13. August 1st        Sprint              Three Sisters               Longton & DMC
  14. August 2nd      Sprint             Three Sisters                Chester M C / Lancs
  15. August 8th      Hillclimb        Loton Park       Hagley & District Light Car Club
  16. August 9th      Hillclimb        Loton Park       Hagley & District Light Car Club
  17. August 16th    Hillclimb        Olivers Mount             Auto 66
  18. August 30th    Hillclimb         Harewood             BARC (Yorkshire Centre)
  19. Sept 5th              Sprint                Aintree           Liverpool Motor Club
  20. Sept 6th          Sprint                Anglesey                         MGCC
  21. Sept 12th        Sprint               Thoresby Park         Nottingham Sports Car Club
  22. Sept 13th       Sprint                Thoresby Park         Nottingham Sports Car Club


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Regulations available for Chester MC Sprint at Three Sisters……

The regulations for Chester Motor Club & Lancashire Automobile Club sprint at Three Sisters on the 4th August 2014 are now available and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link;

Regulations for CMC/LAC Sprint 4th August 2014

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Regulations available for LCCC Anglesey Sprints

The regulations & entry forms for the Lancs & Cheshire CC Sprints at Anglesey are now available please click on the link below;

2014 TY CROES Sprints ASRs & Entry Forms

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