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Welcome to the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship.

Regulations & booking forms are available from February and you can join the Championship at any time before entries close on the 1st July each year. But for your early season results to count, you’ll need to register before you take part in your first event as results can’t be backdated.

Sprinting and Hillclimbing are still two of the cheapest and safest forms of competitive motorsport and there continues to be a great variety of cars used, from completely standard road cars to high-performance single-seat racing cars. The Championship is based on the same classes as most events,  so the driver of a completely standard road car has just as much chance of winning the Championship as one in a 3500cc racing car.

These days many UK events are over-subscribed and several are restricted to regular competitors of the organising club, so we see our Championship as a way of helping drivers compete at an exciting range of popular venues that they might not normally get the chance to drive.

The Championship was started by LMC’s Ron Hunt in 2005 (Jointly with Chester Motor Club back then) but is now run wholly under the Liverpool Motor Club banner.
Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, the championship has grown from strength to strength each year and this year competitors can select their events from up to 26 rounds being held at the most popular venues in the North, North Wales, the Midlands and Scotland. Scammonden is in the Championship once again, and we continue to include rounds at our usual popular hillclimb venues of Barbon Manor and Harewood, and sprints at Aintree, Blyton, Curborough, Three Sisters, the ever-popular Anglesey Circuit and, new for 2024, Kames in Scotland.

What makes the Championship so popular is its two-division format.  Division 1 competitors compete in at least 7 of the rounds, whilst Division 2 up to 6 rounds count for the championship (see the regs for full details). There’s even a  Classic Production and Racing Cars Championship for those cars that are over 30 years old.

For a little extra fun, there’s a championship within the championship because we’ve added a Champion of Aintree and Barbon award for the best performance at just Liverpool MC’s own events.

Many of the events in the LMC Speed Championship are also rounds of regional championships run by ANWCC & SD34. But not everyone enters all the championships so by registering for multiple championships you can easily increase your chances of winning an award this year. But don’t forget to tell each championship coordinator that you are a Liverpool MC member – then your results will count towards our success in their Club Championships too!

The season finishes with an annual End of Season Dinner and Awards Presentation.
This relaxed, social event is an opportunity for everyone to socialise without the pressures of an event and to thank everyone who has helped make the Championship such a success during the year.

We hope you will join us this year and enjoy a successful season’s Motorsport with the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship – The Best in the Northwest!

Nigel Fox
Championship Coordinator

Updated 04/02/2024