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Championship Regulations, and how to join the Championship

Registrations have now closed for the 2022 LMC Speed Championship but we are leaving the following information here so you can see what’s involved and we hope you will join the championship in 2023.

Contenders are able to choose from 23 rounds,  once again taking in all the great venues that our competitors have become used to. You’ll need to register before you take part in your first event of the year as your results cannot be counted retrospectively. Entries will close on 1st July 2022

Who can take part?

The LMC Speed Championship is open to any current member of Liverpool MC. You can join LMC straight away by completing the online membership application here:- LMC Membership – Join Us (opens in a new window).  Then return here to continue.

By registering, you agree to comply with the Championship Regulations.

There are two ways of registering for the Championship:-

1. We prefer you to Register & Pay with our secure online service:

It is important that you read thoroughly the Championship Regulations before continuing with your registration because they include several changes that affect the Championship.

We use PayPal to collect our fees online. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay, and there is no extra charge to pay online with a credit or debit card.
The Championship registration fee is held at £17.00 for another year.

To register, read the regs and then just click the button below.

Why register online?    It’s very quick, much easier for us, and is Covid-19 safe!
You’ll avoid the risk of postal loss or delays, you will receive immediate confirmation that we’ve received your application, & you don’t need a stamp or envelope.

Click HERE if the button doesn’t work for you.
(Link is disabled as registrations have closed for 2022)

2. Register by post:

Registering by post will take longer. Please allow up to 28 days for us to respond to postal registrations.
Click Here for the 2022 Regulations and Postal Registration Form.
It’s important that you read the regulations before registering.

Complete and sign the Registration Form, and post it to us, together with your payment. Because you are reading this you must have internet access, so why not use our online service to ensure we receive your application without delay –  it’s secure and available 24/7.

To download the forms you’ll need a recent version of Adobe Reader. If you haven’t got this, you can download it free from Adobe.

Why enter online? You’ll avoid the risk of postal loss or delays, you will receive immediate confirmation that we’ve received your registration, & you don’t need a stamp or envelope – and yes, it’s much easier for us too!

Page last updated 11/7/2022