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Regulations for Barbon 18th June 2011 available

The Regulation for the Barbon Hillclimb on the 18th June are now available, please click on the following link to download them;

Barbon 18th June 2011 Regulations

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Amendment Re: Towing Eyes/Points

The North & Midlands Classes & Clarifications (and therefore virtually all clubs’ regs for 2011) have a rule about towing eyes.
Following consultation with competitors, it has been recommended that we slightly relax the rule as follows;

(All classes) Towing eyes of adequate strength and size must be fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle. They must be painted a distinctive and contrasting colour. Cars of periods A to F and single seater racing cars are exempt from this requirement subject to a suitable towing point being clearly identified.

(All classes) The vehicle must have a clearly identifiable towing point of adequate strength and size at both front & rear. A suitable point on the roll hoop will generally suffice for open single seat racing cars.

The MSA has suggested that we adopt the amended wording immediately, to make it easier for competitors to comply with the requirement of towing points.

This seems to be a sensible change that still requires the competitor to mark a suitable point on the car to attach a tow rope, in advance, and not to start thinking about it when the recovery crew are on their hands & knees in the grass at the side of the track!
It is likely that this wording, or something very similar, will be incorporated in the Blue Book effective from the 01/01/2013.

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Chester Motor Club Anglesey Regulations Available

The regulations for the Chester MC sprints at Anglesey on 11th/12th June are now available, please click on the following link to download them;

Chester MC Anglesey Regulations

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Lancs & Cheshire MC Anglesey Regs available

The Regulations for Lancs & Cheshire Motor Club Sprints at Anglesey are now available online, please click on the following link to download them;

Lancs & Cheshire MC Anglesey Regulations

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The Aintree Sprint Regulations now available

The Aintree Sprint Regulations are now available online and can be found by clicking on the following link;

2011 Aintree Sprint Regulations

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The 2011 Championship Regulations are now available

The regulations and registration form for the 2011 Championship are now available to download and will be found if you click on the following link;

Championship Regulations including Electronic Registration form 2011

Please note that there are the following errors in the Eligibility Questionnaire,

Question 20 (engines) should read “1000 units” as per the 2011 Blue Book not 5000 units, this has now been corrected (14/1/2011)

Question 17 (tyres) should refer to the 2011 Blue Book and the page quoted should be 192 not 198

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Regulations for Thoresby Park Available

The regulations for the final two rounds at Thoresby Park on the 18th / 19th September are now available.

Please click on the following links to download the regs & entry forms;

Thoresby Regulations

Thoresby Park Entry Form 18th Sept 2010

Thoresby Park Entry Form 19th Sept 2010

Please send your entries back as soon as possible as it normally fills very quickly.

Please do not forget to declare that you are in the championship.

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Regulations For round 15 at Curborough

The regulations for round 15 at Curborough are now available please click on the following link;  2010 RSOCC Curbough Sprint Regulations to download them.

This is a single Championship Class event.

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Regulations for the CMC Sprint at 3 Sisters available

The regulations for the Chester Motor Club / Lancashire Automobile Club Sprint weekend at Three Sisters are now available, please click on the following ling to download them;

CMC/ LAC Sprint Regulations August 2010

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Regulations now available for the following rounds

The following regulations are now available;

Please click on the following links to download the regulations that you require.

Longton Regulations (Three Sisters)

Chester Motor Club (Anglesey)

Lancs & Cheshire Car Club (Anglesey)

Nottingham SCC (Curborough)

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