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Regulations available for Barbon May Hillclimb

The regulations for the Barbon Hillclimb on the 12th May are now available to download and can be found by clicking on the following link;

Barbon May12th Regulations

As the is the Nat A/B meeting those who have Nat A licenses will have to enter the ‘Nat A’ part of the meeting.

Please check that you enter the correct class as the numbering is different to the normal ones you see.

All those that enter with ‘Nat A ‘ licenses will be be scored in their correct class for the purposes of championship points

Those in classes under the Nat B permit that have not been separated into the normal splits, i.e. 1A,1B and so on, will again be score in the correct class.

The above ensures that no one is penalised because it is a dual/permit event

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Regulations for L&CCC Sprints now available

The following message has just arrived from Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club

They are HERE….  pass the message on….

Click on the links below to download ASRs and Entry Forms for the two Ty Croes Weekend Sprints, 5th & 6th May and also 1st & 2nd September 2012

There is also a copy of the North & Midland Speed Classes Clarifications for those who have not already seen a copy.

We warmly recommend entering without delay as these events often become full within a few weeks of publication; even for the September event.

Cheques are not banked until the relevant Closing Date for each event

and should a problem occur we make provision for cancellations without penalty, see SR 11.

We have changed the format for this year:

Round 1/Sat – Double-Lap runs of the National Circuit, practice for all, start 10am – as in previous years

Round 2/Sunday – New format: Single laps of the full International Race Circuit, practice for all, start 9.00am.

Awards Presentation at the end of each round/day.

Please Note:

  • All entry applications will be acknowledged within four weeks or sooner where possible.
  • Final Instructions, tickets, acknowledgements and messages will be sent via email. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within four weeks, please check with us.
  • Please ensure that we have your correct email address and that you notify us of any changes before the relevant Closing Date.
  • We will not be responsible for messages and tickets lost through incorrect information.
  • Those who register as having no email, will be contacted by post.

The ASRs may also be obtained from www.ty-croes.com and www.lancashireandcheshirecarclub.com
and this file may also be on your club/championship website, so please pass the message on that the Ty Croes Regs are out.
Competitors are reminded that they are warmly welcome to compete on any of the four rounds, regardless as to whether they form part of their championship or not.
Once again we look forward to seeing you all out and about on our two challenging and fun weekends on Anglesey

Please click on the following links to download regs & Clarifications;
2012 L&CCC Anglesey Sprint Regulations
2012 North-Midland Clarifications & Speed Classes

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Harewood Regulations available

The regulations for are available and can be found by clicking on the following link;

Harewood Hillclimb Regulations

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2012 North/Midland Clarifications

The 2012 Clarifications have been amended to show the 2012 Blue Book changes that come into force on the 1st January 2012;
Last amendment: 1/12/11

Clarifications for Road-going Series Production Cars

Classes SA, SB & SC
These classes are intended for near-standard cars with very few modifications (as listed), to encourage low-cost entry into the sport. All cars running in the above classes must remain in totally road legal form at all times.
All cars must have current VED & insurance in the name of the main driver, with a current MOT if age requires it.

Note. Trade plates and traders or company group insurance policies will not be accepted.

NO modifications (optional or otherwise) are permitted which are likely to improve the performance and handling of the car with the following exceptions:

Wheels & Tyres; The standard wheel rim width may be increased by a maximum of one inch and fitted with tyres to suit. Tyres must be from MSA list 1A and be Road Legal

Engine, Induction & Exhaust; The air cleaner and exhaust system must remain as production or OEM pattern replacement including catalyst if fitted. Electronic ignition may be fitted.

Suspension & Steering: The steering wheel may be replaced by a non-standard item. Uprated dampers may be fitted.

Brakes; An alternative or OEM pattern replacement brake friction material can be fitted, but modifications to the brake disc, caliper, drum or shoe are not permitted.

Body; In the interests of safety front seats may be replaced by competition versions which must be fully trimmed, not a bare shell. Loose over-mats may be removed but the original carpets, fixed floor mats, and floor trim, etc, must remain and in their original locations. Pyrotechnic safety devices such as airbags and seatbelt pretensioners may be disconnected or removed.

General; The spare wheel and any mounting or cover which is not permanently fixed to the body may be removed.

No other modifications, except the fitting of a roll cage, are allowed in classes SA, SB and SC.

Kit cars, limited production cars, space framed or non-ferrous chassis construction road cars and one-off road-going cars are not permitted in Classes SA, SB and SC.

In the event of an unresolved eligibility issue, the driver of the car concerned may be required to produce within four weeks of the event in question, a manufacturer’s catalogue to substantiate any queried modifications / specifications and allow championship points to stand.

Any modifications not specifically permitted are, by definition, not allowed.

Classes 1A to 1E

Tyres: must be from MSA list 1A and be Road Legal.

Exhaust systems; must include a working catalytic converter on all cars manufactured after 31st December 1999.

Engine & Gearbox; The engine block &/or cylinder head must remain as that fitted to the original model in both type and material. Internal modifications are allowed but the cubic capacity of the engine must remain within the same capacity class as the original car. Gearbox and differential casing must be of the original type and material and remain in the original position. Internal modifications are allowed

Brakes; Brake calipers, discs, master cylinder & pads can be modified. Carbon discs are not permitted. Modification of the brake pedal is permitted. Brake bias adjustment is allowed. The fitting of aftermarket pedal assemblies is not permitted.

Anti-Lock braking systems can be removed but cannot be added to a vehicle that does not have one as a manufacturer specified option.

Suspension; (Amended S11 coming into force 1/1/2012 see the 2012 Year Book)

S11.7.1. The suspension type and mountings must remain the same as that fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

S11.7.2. The shock absorbers may be of any make and may be uprated from standard.

S11.7.3. Adjustable spring platform struts are permitted.

S11.7.4. The mounting method and position must remain as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

S11.7.5. Springs are free but must retain their original location.

S11.7.6. For Road-going Series Production Cars bushes may be changed for similar polymer materials but not to spherical or similar metal joints.

Non-adjustable Strut Braces across the top of the front suspension turrets are allowed but these must be removable and not welded in place

Safety; Pyrotechnic safety devices such as airbags and seatbelt pretensioners may be disconnected or removed.

Otherwise as specified in Section S11.

The requirements of the current MSA regulations with regards to safety provisions for Sprint and Hillclimb cars and requirements of Classes 1 A-E must be adhered to.

Classes 2A to 2D

Tyres must be from MSA list 1A or 1B, be of radial construction only and be Road Legal

All cars in 2A & 2B must have a full windscreen fitted

S11.7.6.1. For Road-going Specialist Production Cars bushes may be changed for similar polymer materials, spherical or similar metal Joints.

Exhaust systems must include a working catalytic converter on all cars manufactured after 31st December 1999.

Otherwise as specified in Section S.

All other classes as specified in Section S

Please note that all cars must have an operable reverse gear at all times (S10.8.1)

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Chester MC Regulations for Rounds 11 & 12 at Three Sisiters

The regulations and entry forms for the Chester MC & Lancashire AC Sprint on the 6th & 7th August at Three Sisters are now available, please click on the following link to download them;

CMC/LAC Three Sisters Sprint Regulation August 2011

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Regulations for Barbon 18th June 2011 available

The Regulation for the Barbon Hillclimb on the 18th June are now available, please click on the following link to download them;

Barbon 18th June 2011 Regulations

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Amendment Re: Towing Eyes/Points

The North & Midlands Classes & Clarifications (and therefore virtually all clubs’ regs for 2011) have a rule about towing eyes.
Following consultation with competitors, it has been recommended that we slightly relax the rule as follows;

(All classes) Towing eyes of adequate strength and size must be fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle. They must be painted a distinctive and contrasting colour. Cars of periods A to F and single seater racing cars are exempt from this requirement subject to a suitable towing point being clearly identified.

(All classes) The vehicle must have a clearly identifiable towing point of adequate strength and size at both front & rear. A suitable point on the roll hoop will generally suffice for open single seat racing cars.

The MSA has suggested that we adopt the amended wording immediately, to make it easier for competitors to comply with the requirement of towing points.

This seems to be a sensible change that still requires the competitor to mark a suitable point on the car to attach a tow rope, in advance, and not to start thinking about it when the recovery crew are on their hands & knees in the grass at the side of the track!
It is likely that this wording, or something very similar, will be incorporated in the Blue Book effective from the 01/01/2013.

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Lancs & Cheshire MC Anglesey Regs available

The Regulations for Lancs & Cheshire Motor Club Sprints at Anglesey are now available online, please click on the following link to download them;

Lancs & Cheshire MC Anglesey Regulations

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The Aintree Sprint Regulations now available

The Aintree Sprint Regulations are now available online and can be found by clicking on the following link;

2011 Aintree Sprint Regulations

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The 2011 Championship Regulations are now available

The regulations and registration form for the 2011 Championship are now available to download and will be found if you click on the following link;

Championship Regulations including Electronic Registration form 2011

Please note that there are the following errors in the Eligibility Questionnaire,

Question 20 (engines) should read “1000 units” as per the 2011 Blue Book not 5000 units, this has now been corrected (14/1/2011)

Question 17 (tyres) should refer to the 2011 Blue Book and the page quoted should be 192 not 198

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